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2008-2016 Dodge Challenger Widebody Package

2008-2016 Dodge Challenger Widebody Package
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Go beyond the bold styling of the modern day 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Dodge Challenger with a package that is sure to strike fear into the average HEMI owner. Combining old-school design cues and modern day track appeal, this widebody package was created to allow your Challenger to reach its full potential. This modern muscle car is best known for its straight-line acceleration. With the addition of wider wheels and tires as well as a lower center of gravity, experience the rush as your car confidently takes corners like never before. The 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 Dodge Challenger Widebody Package is the perfect combination of attention grabbing visuals and jaw dropping performance.

Back in stock and ready to ship,Group 2 Challenger Wide-Body! Our high profile design was recently featured in Fast Five & Six and is in high demand. Add six inches of overall width to any Challenger giving it a more aggressive stance and the ability to fit wheel widths up to 12 inches! This high quality wide-body kit is performance engineered to provide a factory fit and finish while increasing the vehicles appeal by adding a sleek hourglass shape. Our Wide-Body Challenger kit can also be purchased as separate front and rear sections to meet your customer's styling needs and is backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

CDC's Group 2 Widebody Package (0832-7005-01) Includes:

- Composite Front Fenders (Right & Left)

- Composite "Billboard" Rear Quarter Panel Extensions (Right & Left)

- Inner Wheel House Extensions (All Four Corners)

- Aerodynamic Front Spoiler "Canards"

- Detailed Instructions & all required mounting hardware.


Now you can transform your 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger into a serious one-off street machine with attitude, or an all-out race car with the ability to put serious rubber under all four corners.

Our innovative Composite Flared Front Fenders, Three-Dimensional “Billboard” Quarter Panel Extensions, and Aerodynamic Front Canards add the perfect balance of styling and functionality.

By adding six inches (that's right, SIX inches!) to the width of the Challenger, the GROUP 2 Wide Body package can easily accommodate an 11.5” width rim in the rear and a 10” width rim up front. The GROUP 2 package can handle anything up to a 315-series tire. The re-arched wheel wells visibly lower the vehicle while retaining adequate ride height so you don't have to sacrifice ride quality and handling.

GROUP 2 Challenger Package Includes:

•Left and Right Composite Wide Front Fenders

•Left and Right Composite “Billboard” Wide Rear Quarter Panel Extensions

•Left and Right Front Spoiler Canards

•Left and Right Front and Rear Fenderwell Extensions

•20X10” Front + 20X11.5” Rear 3-Piece USW Forged "Crossover" Wheels

•Z-Rated Pirelli P-Zero Rosso Tires, 315/35 rear + 275/40 front