Chrysler 300 300C VENOM Functional Ram Air Hood 05-10

 Chrysler 300 300C VENOM Functional Ram Air Hood 05-10
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BMC Extreme Customs introduces to the car enthusiast the 2005-2010 Chrysler 300 300C VENOM Functional Ram Air Hood.


AIT Plastic resins: AIT special plastic resin is a hybrid form of polyester resin that has been toughened with epoxy molecules within the main molecular structure. AIT resins offer better resistance to moisture absorption than regular polyester resins.

Gelcoat - provides high impact strength, excellent gloss, it is water-resistant and helps prevent blisters from forming after laying the fiberglass mat.

Benefits of Fiberglass:
*Does not expand or shrink with temperature change.
*Does not absorb water.
*High strength to weight ratio.
*Chemical resistant (except for hydrofluoric, hot phosphoric acids, and strong alkaline substances.)
*Electrical insulator

*Hand Laid High-Quality Fiberglass and Resin
*Functional Ram Air Tunnel Build In, No Extra Charges!
*Easy Installation, Utilized Factory Hinges, and Latch
*Gel Coat Finished On Both Top And Under Side For Easier Prep prior to Painting
*Aluminum Wire Mesh Grill Inserts Included Where Applicable

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