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At BMC Extreme Customs, we challenge you to REthink, REdesign, and REinvent your ride. We specialize in custom car and truck hoods. While offering a large selection of aftermarket hoods, we have also been adding original manufacturer hoods such as the new Hellcat hoods. If you are looking for a performance heat extractor hood or ram air hood then welcome to BMC Extreme Customs Hood Center.

What does a Ram Air Hood do for your car? In most instances, an aftermarket fiberglass hood weighs more than today's modern, aluminum-built straight hoods. A Ram Air or Heat Extractor Hood can assist your car in a few more ways than an OEM hood can. An aftermarket Ram Air Hood allows extra air to enter the engine compartment, therefore allowing additional cooling for your car. Most are built to channel air on top of the OEM airbox for HP gains at speeds, which means greater performance. Lastly, aftermarket ram air hoods make the car look more appealing and aggressive. Whether it's Double Scoops, Single Scoops, Cowl Induction, or OEM Styling, we carry popular brands such as EG Customs, RK Sport, Trufiber, Amerihood, our own BMC Extreme Customs line, and many more.