1996-2004 Mustang Sequential Taillights

1996-2004 Mustang Sequential Taillights
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1996-2004 Mustang Sequential Taillights

Product Description

First introduced in the '60s, the Ford Mustang featured three-lens, sequential taillights which not only caught people's attention, but also gave new life to the average blinker. It was not until 2010 that sequential taillights once again became a factory option on new models. Bring your '96-'04 Mustang up to speed and give the rear end a classic touch with the CDC Sequential Taillights. NOTE: These will not work on a 99-01 Cobra

- CDC's Mustang Sequential Taillights sequence from the inboard out.

- Easy to install no cutting or splicing just plug and play, simply replace the factory harnesses and enjoy.

- Installation time: Approximately 45 minutes.