2008-2023 Dodge Challenger Carbon Fiber Trunk Demon Style

2008-2023 Dodge Challenger Carbon Fiber Trunk Demon Style
Item# 09DGCHL2DDEM-020C
Availability: Available for Order

Brand: VIS Racing
Body Style: 2DR
Color: Black
Material: Carbon Fiber 3K
Style: OEM
Fits: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 DODGE CHALLENGERS

Carbon Fiber Trunk Demon Style for Dodge Challenger 2DR 2008-2019

Hoods and Trunks are made from 100% ISO-certified, Grade-A carbon fiber material. All VIS Carbon Fiber Hoods and Trunks are manufactured using a two-part construction design. The top layer is composed of carbon fiber material bonded to the hood surface with high-grade epoxy resin and finished with an ultra-clear (Poly Shield), UV-protective polyurethane coating for a high gloss finish. A one-piece, smooth underside shell is fused to the top layer enhancing the product’s structural integrity. The edges are smoothed by hands to insure good quality finish all around.

When the part arrives, open the box and wrapping to inspect the entire part for any damage at all, BEFORE signing anything (regardless of how good OR bad the box looks).

Should there be damage, pictures MUST be taken of the issue and any other damage/flaws on the box. Then you will refuse the part as "Damaged", not sign anything, and send the pictures to the seller. If it is something small that you or a shop can fix for little to no money, then you can choose to accept the part at your discretion to save time. Scratches, Surface blemishes, and Small hairline fractures are common, both will be addressed by the shop during prep.


If anything was wrong at all, damage, flaw, or otherwise and you do not want to keep it and fix, write Damaged on the receipt, refuse it and do not write or say ANYTHING else to the driver since they may manipulate or misinterpret what you say to take the responsibility off themselves. Signing before checking, or anytime other than when the part checks out, WILL WAIVE your insurance. You do not have to elaborate on anything you put, so the best advice is to not offer up anything.