2011-2015 D3 Styled CTS-V Coupe Rear Spoiler

2011-2015 D3 Styled CTS-V Coupe Rear Spoiler
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This Cadillac D3 Rear Wing for CTS-V Coupe is a rear wing that fits atop the 3rd brake light and extends across the entire rear hatch. In the past drivers that wanted a true “End-to-end” rear wing would have to swap their 3rd brake light with the shorter CTS 6cyl 3rd brake light. The creation of the D3 Rear Wing eliminated this-The D3 Rear Wing for CTS-V Coupe is the only wing available that will sit directly on top of the CTS-V Coupe 3rd Brake Light. Made in the USA the D3 Rear Wing sits on top of the factory CTS-V 3rd Brake Light and extends to each end of the trunk. The Rear Wing for CTS-V Coupe is designed to fit the vehicle via 3M body tape, and or body adhesive-it does not require drilling into the deck.

Note 1: Fiberglass usually ships in 4-7 business days. Comes unfinished, paint and fit/finish required prior to installation.

Note 2: Carbon Fiber is 5 - 6 weeks lead time!

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