2014-2016 Toyota Tundra TORCH Series LED Light Grille,1 - 30" LED Bar, Formed Mesh, Main Grille, Replacement

2014-2016 Toyota Tundra TORCH Series LED Light Grille,1 - 30" LED Bar, Formed Mesh, Main Grille, Replacement
Item# 6319641
Optional Universal Wiring Harness: 
2014-2016 TORCH Series LED Light Grille,1 - 30 LED Bar, Formed Mesh, Main Grille, Replacement, 1 Pc, Black


Item #: 6319641

Year Make Model: 2016 Toyota Tundra

Year Make Model: 2015 Toyota Tundra

Year Make Model: 2014 Toyota Tundra

Finish: BLACK

Installation: REPLACEMENT

Material: STEEL


Series: TORCH

Add on: 119641

Condition: New

Features ◾ LED lighting for off-road use only ◾ Made from durable woven wire mesh ◾ Constructed into a rugged 12 gauge frame ◾ Choose from stainless or stealth black rivets ◾ Manufactured T-304 stainless steel construction ◾ Has a spot/flood combo beam pattern ◾ Includes high intensity CREE LEDs ◾ Wiring harness needed for install - sold separately ◾ Made in the USA


Make the front end of your truck much nicer looking with a T-Rex Torch grille. T-Rex has come out with a black mesh grille that includes a light bar. Depending on your vehicle, this product comes with lightbars or cubes carefully placed inside the durable woven wire mesh. Choose from stainless steel or black rivets. Used for off-road use only, the high power LED bars can be turned off and on from inside your vehicle for street legal use.

With a 12 gauge frame made from a 304 carbon steel construction, the Torch billet grill will hold up against any chips or dings. Coming with die-cast aluminum housing, the high intensity CREE LED lights are protected from any damage. CREE lighting is a market leader in LED lights. Each bulb is covered with a resilient and unbreakable poly-carbonate lens. The lights have a 16w to 180w power consumption depending on the light bar. Lumen flux ranges from 1280lm to 14400lm in condition with the grille that you get for your truck. These lightbars have a spot/flood combo pattern to give optimal lighting power.

Lot's of people wants their truck to stand out. Let yours be the one that they won't forget about. LED lights built in to a grill will you noticed. A T-Rex Torch grille is easily installed on your vehicle in no time. Make sure you purchase the wiring harness, which is sold separately, to have this work on your ride.

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