2015-2021 Chevrolet Colorado Ram Air Hood RKSport 10014000

2015-2021 Chevrolet Colorado Ram Air Hood RKSport 10014000
Item# 10014000
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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
RKSport's 10014000 Ram Air Hood is now available for your 2015-2018 Chevrolet Colorado. Give your Colorado truck's front end a new aggressive look. Hood scoop directs air right above the stock airbox with extraction vents to keep your engine cool. Comes unpainted in a gray gel-coat ready for prime and paint.


Hand-Laid, Hi-Temp Fiberglass
Factory Quality Fitment
Made with Pride in the USA

Created from the original lines of the Chevrolet Colorado , the 2015-current Colorado Ram-Air Hood is the perfect complement to the heritage of the pickup truck. With Ram-Air performance the hood is optimized to collect and ram cool air into the throttle body, increasing horsepower, throttle response and improve fuel economy while minimizing drag. This is the perfect combination of style and performance. Each fiberglass hood is manufactured using the finest hand-laid fiberglass to provide superior strength and durability. Each hood is shipped gelcoat gray, ready for prep and paint. Detailed instructions provide a straight-forward installation that uses stock hardware for an easy fit and installation.

The ram air hood is a direct replacement for the factory hood, using the vehicle’s original latch and hinges. In addition, our unique method of fiberglass molding and construction prevents shrinking and ensures a factory-style fit and finish.

2015 - 2017 Chevroloet  Colorado Ram Air Hood Rksport 10014000 photo 2015 - Up Colorado Ram Air Hood_zpsviq2vn04.jpg

2015 - 2017 Chevroloet  Colorado Ram Air Hood Rksport 10014000 photo 2015 - Up Colorado Ram Air Hood 1_zpsioxf92xx.jpg

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Questions and answers?

DO THE HOODS SHIP 'PAINT READY'? Yes, your truck hood will arrive sealed in a premium quality, gray, gel coat. We recommend a light sanding prior to applying primer and paint.

HOW DIFFICULT ARE THE HOODS TO INSTALL? RKSport makes it easy! Disconnect the struts, wiper nozzle tubing and engine compartment lamp. Unbolt the hood from the hinges and remove the hood from the vehicle. Remove all stock hardware from the stock hood and re-install onto the RKSport Hood. The Colorado has multiple adjustment points to assure a perfect fit. We strongly recommend pre-fitting your new hood prior to painting. This will greatly reduce the chance of marring the hood once it is painted.

WILL WATER GET INTO THE ENGINE THROUGH THE RAM AIR SCOOP? RKSport has developed an effective water management system for all our Ram Air hoods to prevent any water that enters the scoop from making it to the intake. The water is ultimately directed weep holes that allow the water to exit the hood away from the intake and engine.

CAN I RE-INSTALL THE STOCK HOOD LINER ON THE NEW HOOD? It is possible but you would need to modify it to make it work. RKSport Hoods do not require a hood liner. The primary purpose of a hood liner is to protect the paint from engine heat. The double walled construction of our hoods, combined with the natural ability of fiberglass to dissipate heat offer more than adequate protection.

Note: This is not a simple bolt on. We want all consumers to know that there will always be sanding, shaving, cutting, and/or filling prior to installing aftermarket parts. Also, the black primer finish must be sanded and other prep work will be required prior to painting. Some adjustments may be required to properly fit the hood. It is recommended that you oversize the four holes where the hinges join together. This will allow you to adjust your hood height and front to back spacing. Further adjusting of the fender alignment to hood can be accomplished by loosening the screws that hold the fender to the inner wheel well, and if necessary to place the shims or washers between the fender lip and inner fender well to adjust gap.

Made to Order: Usually ships in 2-3 Weeks.

Important When Receiving Freight: upon receiving the product(s) please be sure to inspect the item(s) for "freight damage". If there are signs of freight damage you must refuse the item due to damage then contact us immediately. Make sure to open and inspect all content(s) before signing [this includes removing the wrapping bubbles and plastics to physically inspect the item(s)]. This process usually takes about 5-10 minutes. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the item thoroughly. If a customer fails to fully open up the box(es) and inspect their merchandise for damage, and signs the freight carrier's paperwork indicating that all merchandise was inspected (which is what is stated on all freight carriers paperwork), inspects their merchandise after the freight carrier leaves and then finds damage, or what is called "concealed damage", neither the freight carrier, nor BMC Extreme Customs will be responsible to replace or pay for repairs to the product.

CargoEdge Insurance Coverage
Due to the size of the hood, they are vulnerable to getting damaged. It’s a common mistake to confuse freight insurance with the liability insurance provided by carriers and freight forwarders. They are not the same at all. Typical carrier or forwarder liability is limited, in some cases to no more than $5.00 per lb of stolen, lost, or damaged cargo, and coverage contains many exclusions. For a typical hood which weighs less than 50lbs, that's only $250 plus freight. CargoEdge Insurance is powered and backed by UPS Capital and adds a piece of mind should your order arrive damaged or stolen.

*DISCLAIMER: All aftermarket hoods sold are either for show or off-road use only. Professional installation & Hood pins are required! The buyer assumes the entire risk as to the quality of the aftermarket parts. In the event such parts prove defective following the purchase and installation, the buyer assumes the entire costs of any necessary servicing, repair, or replacement.