2015-2017 Mustang Vented Front Fenders Type-A Fiberglass

2015-2017 Mustang Vented Front Fenders Type-A Fiberglass
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Add a custom wide design to your 2015-2017 Ford Mustang with these Type AT Vented Front Fenders in Fiberglass by Anderson Composite, PN AC-FF15FDMU-AT-GF.

Made to stand out and made for your Mustang, these custom Ford Mustang fenders from in a pair of driver and passenger sides. These aftermarket fenders are made to be 0.4" wider than your stock.

As with most aftermarket products, mounting tabs may require modifications for proper fitments, and minor adjustments may be needed as part of the normal installation process. These Mustang Fenders are not finished, so they require normal prep, sand and primer. Sometimes surface blemishes may appear due to manufacturing process, however they are removed during normal prep'ing and sanding.

Due to manufacturing process, there are very limited numbers that can be made. Please contact us for estimated time to fulfill order.

***California Sales Tax***
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