2015-2023 Dodge Charger Forged Carbon Fiber Redeye Hood

2015-2023 Dodge Charger Forged Carbon Fiber Redeye Hood
Item# BMC-102506-FCF
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2015-2023 Dodge Charger Forged Carbon Fiber Redeye Hood
*Designed with the latest 3D software and manufactured with modern tooling
*OEM - Fitment | Quality | Durability
*Direct Fit, Bolt-on Replacement
*Ships Unpainted
*Utilizes OEM Latch and Hinges
*Lightweight Forged Carbon and Fiberglass Construction
*•Premium gloss, UV protectant finish
*Track-proven strength and performance
*Up to 70% lighter than OEM factory parts
*Weather-resistant aluminum mesh grille (where applicable)

OEM Quality, Durability, & Fitment:
In order to ensure a precise fit, Our aerodynamics parts are designed using the car's 3D Scan Geometry CAD data. When it comes to durability, our new proprietary manufacturing method allow us to provide you with a durable high-quality product with a precise fitment.

Top Quality Durable Construction: Forged Carbon Fiber aerodynamics parts are constructed using extremely strong, aircraft high-grade Forged carbon fiber material. The final Forged carbon fiber products are flawless components worthy of your precious car. These Forged carbon fiber parts are lightweight in comparison with other materials giving you a weight reduction gain on your build. Lastly, these parts are built with a new proprietary manufacturing method ensuring a durable impact resistance carbon fiber aerodynamic part. Our autoclave curing development blends high temperatures and pressure which grants us the use of more directional carbon fiber and a high-performance heat-cured epoxy. Our hull laminate is thus lighter and stronger than any other competitor.


Technical Note:
We recommend professional installation of all body parts. We also recommend test fitting these products before they are painted or any modifications.

THE DELIVERY DRIVER IS PRESENT AND PROVIDE PICTURES OF THE BOX AND DAMAGE. FAILURE to do so can and will result in a claim being denied.

For any other problem with your order, please refer to our return policy.