2020-2023 Corvette C8 R1 Side Skirt Splitters

2020-2023 Corvette C8 R1 Side Skirt Splitters
Item# BMC-vz102104
Surface Finish : 
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Corvette C8 R1 Side Skirt Splitters vz102104

Vehicle Part: Side Skirt Splitters
Surface Finishes: Available in textured gloss black, gloss, dry carbon fiber and painted in carbon flash metallic (WA501Q) finishes

Increases front-end lift
Maximize cornering speeds
Inhance high-speed stability
Available in textured gloss black, gloss, and dry carbon fiber finishes
Irecisely engineered with top-of-the-line machine cut technology
Includes Vicrez Support Rods
Made in the USA




OEM Quality, Durability, & Fitment:

Vicrez aerodynamics parts are designed using the car's 3D Scan Geometry CAD data in order to ensure a precise fit. They are precisely cut with CNC machines ensuring a perfect final product with top quality finish. This modern stylish design part features a more slightly aggressive style textured gloss black for an OEM appearance.

Top Quality Durable Construction:

These front splitter creates downforce for a better driving experience. They are designed to increase front down force by allowing air to push down on it and therefore pushing the whole front of the car downwards, reducing lift. These parts are constructed with high quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) high-grade. ABS it is considered an extremely strong material known for its light-weight, gloss and toughness - making it perfect impact resistance products to endure the risks of regular driven vehicles.