2012-2015 Ford Explorer ORACLE Halos Kit

2012-2015 Ford Explorer ORACLE Halos Kit
Halo Color:  LED Linear Strip Option:  Match LED Fog Light Halos: 
Add style to and brighten up your 2012-2015 Ford Explorer with this Explorer Halos Kit. This DIY accessory will add the custom look you want.

NOTE: Picture shows added LED Linear Strip not included in the Halo Kit Price, but is available for a low price!

SMD Headlight HALO Kits Include the Following:

-(2)Ford Explorer SMD/LED Low Beam Halo Rings

-Installation Written Instructions

-Installation VIDEO Instructions

-Everything you need to add LED Halos to your Headlights

What do the ColorSHIFT Options Mean?

Q: What does SMD Mean? A: SMD is a very high quality, low-profile type of LED. The average lifetime is 100,000 Hours of Continuous use.

How are SMD Halos different from CCFL Halos?

- No Inverter, connect directly to 12V Source.

- LEDs on a rigid PCB, rings will not break.

- Light is directional- forward firing light.

- Self Adhesive Rings require NO EPOXY!

ORACLE Halo Kits are the single most head-turning modification you can do for such a small investment.Throw out what you think you know about Halo lights because you have not seen anything until you have seen a set of ORACLE Halos in person. These Halos utilize the latest technology and can be seen vividly even in direct sunlight.