2010- 2012 Ford Fusion Ground Effects w/ Spoiler, 6 Pc

2010- 2012  Ford Fusion Ground Effects w/ Spoiler, 6 Pc
Item# BMC-267-200R
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Add style to your 2010 2011 Ford Fusion with this Ground Effects and Spoiler by Razzi. Made to add an aggressive stance, your 10 11 Fusion will be noticed. There are many different “grades” of ABS type plastic. RAZZI uses the very best grades of ABS (Acrylinitrile Butadiene Styrene), which are then blended together, using RAZZI’s secret formula to make AERO-FLEX®, a special thermoset plastic which is the very best material available for the manufacturing of Ground Effects type products. RAZZI® Ground Effects Packages are not soft and rubbery like some Ground Effects Packages that are made out of urethane plastic (which are very hard to paint and difficult to install). The AERO-FLEX® ABS Ground Effects Packages are more rigid like fiberglass but do not crack like fiberglass parts will. Also, parts made out of fiberglass are usually very poor fitting compared to AERO-FLEX® parts. RAZZI’s parts are commonly referred to as the “best fitting” parts in the Ground Effects industry. AERO-FLEX® is not a “urethane” material and it is NOT a “fiberglass” material. The accurate description of AERO-FLEX® is that it is a “co-extruded ABS composite plastic” material—a very “high tech” plastic. Requires prep, prime and paint or let us do the work for you.

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