2019-2024 Ram 2500 Rebel Hood | Genuine MOPAR

2019-2024 Ram 2500 Rebel Hood | Genuine MOPAR
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All New the 2019 - 2024 Ram 2500 Rebel Hood. This Dodge Ram 2500 Rebel performance hood is made by MOPAR and is a METAL E-COAT MOPAR GENUINE OE product. The Rebel is known as a no-hold-back and in-your-face design truck for those craving roads. For those looking to get the design of the Rebel hood without the Rebel price, now is available to order and will fit all the 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 Ram 2500 trucks.

Additional Features Included:
Aluminum Hood
Left and Right Hood Vents (choose between Chrome or Black "2500" lettering)
Large Rear Vented Bezel
Includes 2+4 Screws w/ Washers for Bezels
Left + Right Hood Insulation [highly recommended] - includes 10 push retainers

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CargoEdge Insurance Coverage
Due to the size of the hood, they are vulnerable to getting damaged. Itís a common mistake to confuse freight insurance with the liability insurance provided by carriers and freight forwarders. They are not the same at all. Typical carrier or forwarder liability is limited, in some cases to no more than $5.00 per lb of stolen, lost, or damaged cargo, and coverage contains many exclusions. For a typical hood which weighs less than 50lbs, that's only $250 plus freight. CargoEdge Insurance is powered and backed by UPS Capital and adds a piece of mind should your order arrive damaged or stolen, and insures up to the entire value of your purchase.

This is a warranty hood by Mopar and is made of metal, not fiberglass so prep work is done in less time. The Ram 2500 Rebel hood includes performance heat extractor hoods that come with Bezels that include Center Bezel and both left & right bezels!