2013 BENZ-G G50-G55-HM body kits

2013 BENZ-G G50-G55-HM body kits
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2013 BENZ-G G50-G55-HM Fiberglass body kits Part#-4104FB×3,4105RB×2,4106FL×2,4107RL×2,4108SP,4109RB

front bumper-FRP, rear bumper-FRP, front fender flares-FRP, rear fender flares-FRP, roof wing-FRP

Materials-Fiberglass The materials we use are pre-impregnated fiber-“prepreg”, carbon, aramid - kevlar and fiberglass in dry and pre-impregnated form. If needed, we use also other materials and technologies. Some materials are stored in special cold storage units at -25oC. We use different resins system that can withstand extreme temperatures varying from -40oC to +400oC with excellent mechanical properties.

Specifications 1)100% brand new ,easy to install


3)Strong material

4)Excellent Quality


1.The use of German technology and equipment manufacturing. 2.Check their vehicles after installation, high-quality products.

Note: 6-8 weeks delivery time, Call for price!