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RKSport Chevrolet Silverado HD Ram-Air Extractor Hood 2007-2010

RKSport Chevrolet Silverado HD Ram-Air Extractor Hood 2007-2010
Item# BMC-29014000
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Add style to your 2007-2010 Chevrolet Silverado HD with the RKSport Functional Ram Air & Heat Extractor Hood. These Silverado HD Hoods are fully functional bringing in and releasing fresh, cool air directly into the engine bay for increased airflow and performance.

The HD RKSport Ram Air/Extractor Hood will fit for both the Gas Engine Model as well as the Diesel Engine Model. It is designed to collect and "ram" air into the throttle body, increasing horsepower, throttle response and improving fuel economy while minimizing drag. The Extractor portion will help keep your engine bay cooler by drawing hot air out. With our unique baffled desing, outside elements such as rain & debris are kept out of the engine compartment.

Each hood is crafted from hi-temp, hand-laid fiberglass for exceptional strength & durability.

Installation is straightforward using all of the stock hardware.

 photo rksport-chevrolet-silverado-hd-ram-air-extractor-hood-2007-2010-6_zps1knac4nw.jpg

 photo rksport-chevrolet-silverado-hd-ram-air-extractor-hood-2007-2010-4_zps8qeeqgen.jpg