2013-2016 Dodge Dart Illuminated Grill Crosshairs

2013-2016 Dodge Dart Illuminated Grill Crosshairs
Item# BMC-5315
Color Options: 
Add This ORACLE Lighting to Illuminate your Dodge Dart Grille. Oracles Crosshairs are designed for the 2013 2014 2015 2016 Dodge Dart. This Electroluminescent insert will fit into your factory grill and illuminate when powered on. Each insert includes a 3M adhesive backing for ease of installation and the strip just needs a 12V power source to illuminate. Note: EL are only visible during at night, all images shown are taken in the dark.Look at the Wireless Controller to give you additional features such as breathe, strobe, and brightness control.

5315-004 : Green
5315-005 : Amber
5315-006 : Yellow
5315-007 : UV/Purple

Product Specs:

•12V Powered

•Appears as Matte Vinyl when turned off

•Soft ambient glow when turned on

•Waterproof - Coated and Sealed for outdoor

•Genuine 3M Adhesive Backing for easy installation

•Available Colors: White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, UV/Purple

Box Contents: •(1) x Dodge Dart ORACLE Illuminated Grill Crosshair

•(1) x Power Inverter