2013-2014 Dodge Dart ORACLE Halo Kit

2013-2014 Dodge Dart ORACLE Halo Kit
Item# BMC-2246
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The ORACLE Headlight Halo kits is designed for what is considered to be the most advanced vehicle in its class. So why not take it to an even higher level and install this halo kit into its headlights? It will give it a more custom look that is sure to catch everyone's attention.


Q: What are the rings made from?

A: ORACLE SMD - or "Surface Mount Diode" Halos utilize an advanced type of LED chip that can produce brilliant light output while only consuming a small amount of power. The SMD chips are installed onto a CAD designed 6-layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which is very sturdy and will not break if pressured. The PCB can easily be mounted to a headlight housing using the pre-installed 3M adhesive tape backing.

A: ORACLE PLASMA - Plasma LED Halo Rings are the latest advancement in Solid-State Lighting Technology. The Plasma Halos feature dozens of semiconductors which make direct contact to the circuit board essentially turning the entire Plasma ring into one LED. The design makes for optimal thermal management, high packing density, and overall high performance light output. This new technology is not only brighter than previous LED Halo Rings but it also features very consistent light output and appears as one solid ring rather than a ring of individual LEDS.

A: ORACLE CCFL - Headlight Halo Kits use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting XE technology, which delivers a smooth and even halo illumination.

* CCFL halos have an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours of continuous use and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

* CCFL Halos require an external Power Supply. ORACLE "XE" Power Inverters

What does the kit include?

Kit includes the following:

-(2) ORACLE Halo Rings

-(2) ORACLE Ballasts (CCFL Only)

-Dodge Dart Specific Wiring

-Installation Written Instructions