2021-2023 FORD F-150 Super Bolt Fender Flare Set Primed

2021-2023 FORD F-150 Super Bolt Fender Flare Set Primed
Item# BMC-FO31A16PR
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Add style to your 2021-2023 F150 Pickup with our fender flares. These flares are manufactured using a high pressure thermoplastic injection molding process. Comes in a set of 4 pieces.

2021-2023 FORD F-150 Super Bolt® Fender Flare Set Primed F031A16PP

Give your Truck a tougher look, improve its performance and add that extra protection with this 4-Pieces Set (front RH / LH and rear RH / LH Fender Flares).

This Fender Flare Set features the patented Air Design Super Bolt® Fixation System, recognized as "The Best Pocket Design Flares" on the market!
The Super Bolt® Fixation System guarantees a firm mechanical attachment of the flare to the sheet metal that makes them the Most Solid Vibration-Free Fender Flares around. These Fender Flares will never eat away at your Truck’s Paint.
Air Design Super Bolt® Fender Flares have an integrated Mud Flap design that provides extra protection against road debris.

Air Design Super Bolt® Fender Flares have been carefully designed and torture tested to provide real functional protection and improve the performance and aerodynamics of your Truck.
Designed and Manufactured In-House at our State-of-the-Art facility in North America using the best engineering and materials, such as ABS Polymers, to ensure a perfect and long-lasting fit.
Feature a Rust-free, No-Drill Installation.
Factory painted in Gray Super Primer (Ready to Paint).
Removable to return your Truck to stock.
WARRANTY. Air Design's Fender Flare Set includes a 3-year Manufacturer's Warranty

2021-2023 Ford F150 Super Bolt Fender Flare Set prime