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2013 2014 Ford Mustang ORACLE LED Halo Kit

2013 2014 Ford Mustang ORACLE LED Halo Kit
Which Headlight Do You Have:  Select Your Halo Color:  Multi Functional Remote Control: 
Ad style to your 2013 2014 Ford Mustang with these ORACLE Halo Kit.

Q: What does SMD Mean?

A: SMD is a very high quality, low-profile type of LED. The average lifetime is 100,000 Hours of Continuous use.

How are SMD Halos different from CCFL Halos?

- No Inverter, connect directly to 12V Source.

- LEDs on a rigid PCB, rings will not break.

- Light is directional- forward firing light.

- Self Adhesive Rings require NO EPOXY!

2013 Mustang ORACLE Halo Kit, 2013 Mustang ORACLE Halo Kit

2013 Mustang Halo Kit, 2013 Mustang Halo Kit