2004-2011 Mercedes Benz SLK171 Wind Restrictor

2004-2011 Mercedes Benz SLK171  Wind Restrictor
Etching Design:  Illumination Color:  Battery Pack:  Push Button on/off switch:  12 Volt Adapter Plug:  Dimmer Switch:  Brake Light Module: 
Add design style to your 2004-2011 Mercedes Benz SLK Convertible with this Wind Restrictor Custom Windscreen. Your car looks sleek—but could it be sleeker? A Laser Etched Windscreen from Crystal Clear Plexi Glass from King Penn Industries Incorporated will add sharp distinction to your already impressive ride.


Choose between these designs or select to send us a custom design:

Convertible driving has never been more fun!

Introducing the all new Wind restrictor for the Mercedes Benz SLK R172 roadster. We feel this wind restrictor will change the convertible driving experience forever! Our engineers spent a lot of time and energy on this beautiful wind blocker. We’ve been known over the last several years for our product quality and top notch customer service. When you see this design in person, I know you will agree that it’s nothing less than OEM quality at an aftermarket price. Our SLK windschott is designed to block the maximum amount of wind turbulence from entering the cabin as possible when driving with the top down at highway speeds.

This laser etched and illuminated windscreen from Penn Industries will add sharp distinction to your already impressive convertible SLK. This product is highly reviewed on the SLK World Forum and also on EBay. We provide a lifetime warranty and stand behind this product 100%. The wind deflector is constructed from an incredible 3/8” thick Acrylite Glass material, making it the thickest and strongest on the market to date. Do not be fooled by cheaper, low quality designs that are available.

Our designs and materials are guaranteed against breaking, clouding and yellowing over time like you will experience with the cheaper models out there. We use real steel and top quality windscreen hardware that are all powder coated to perfection.

We’re sorry, but cheap velcro straps just do not belong on a vehicle like the Mercedes Benz SLK. Also, we use real laser engraving processes with our custom windscreens. The custom engraved logos are guaranteed never to fade, peel off or discolor like the stickers will that you see available. Our lighted and etched windscreen is a guaranteed head turner and show stopper for those of you that like to show off your cars. So if you are on the fence about purchasing a wind screen for your convertible, choose the Wind restrictor today and become a part of thousands of other satisfied customers world wide.

Our quality products and professionalism will not let you down!

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Choose between these colors:

Wind Restrictor Color Options King Penn, Wind Restrictor Color Options King Penn www.bmcextremecustoms.net

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Additional Options

Battery pack (Price: $14.00) Requires 8 AA batteries (not included) that plugs in to the WR to power the illumination if desired.

Push button on/off switch (Price: $4.00) Requires mounting and installation to wire coming off of the light strip. Functions to turn the power on and off of the illumination when desired.

12 Volt Adapter Plug (Price: $7.00)

Dimmer Control Switch (Price: $35.00) Illumination Adjustment Control Switch.

Brake Light Module (Price: $99.00) This option is a very nice option. It's a module that you can install in your console "waterfall compartment" or in your trunk on your rear panel. It has 2 knobs on it. After installed the first knob will control the Running light intensity to your product. You can use this knob as a dimmer knob to adjust the illumination while you are driving with your running lights on or headlights on.The other knob controls the brake light intensity to the product. You can adjust this knob if you want the product to illuminate when you apply pressure to your brakes.

With this option you can set the product for the following: Restrictor can be set to come on only with the head lights, Restrictor can be set to come on only with the brake lights, Restrictor can be set to produce a certain illumination while driving (like a mid-intensity) and then produce a brighter glow when you apply pressure to your brakes when you stop. Kind of like a 3rd brake light option. Also, this module will allow you to turn off product all together if you want. If you did not want it on for some reason, then you could turn both knobs down and then you'll just have the laser etching.

Finally, our new brake light module come with a built in battery pack (9V).So just flip the toggle switch and you can have the restrictor illuminate at the intensity you desire even when the car is off. (good for car shows). So this is a wonderful option that allows you to tap into your running lights and your brake lights simultaneously, and adjust each independently.