2008-2014 SMS 570 Rear Bumper, Diffuser and Spoiler Package

2008-2014 SMS 570 Rear Bumper, Diffuser and Spoiler Package
Item# BMC-03-001-00001-5
Shipping Option:  SMS 570 exhaust system: 
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2008-2014 SMS 570 Rear Bumper, Diffuser, and Spoiler Package


•Made in the USA, this rear package comes unpainted

•Requires the SMS 570 exhaust sytem for correct fitment.

The SMS rear diffuser requires an upgrade to the SMS 570 exhaust system. This package will not work with the stock exhaust placement.

•Includes the rear bumper, diffuser, LED reverse lamps, wiring harness, trunk extension, and spoiler.

•Will fit all 2008-2014 Challengers models.

•Does not include SMS Light Blade Assembly (taillight cover). Order seperately to complete your package.

This package includes all the components to give the tail end of your Challenger the look and styling of the SMS 570. Drastically increases down force over the rear wheels as well as adds overall length to your stock Challenger giving you an aggressive SMS style.

Exhaust option: SMS performance 2.5” stainless steel cat back exhaust systems offer a louder than stock exhaust note and great mid-range performance.  Package includes intermediate pipes, mufflers, tail pipes, oval tips, and hardware.

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