Body Side Molding

Auto Replacement Body Side Moldings

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Body Side Molding is one great addition to any vehicle as it not only brings a new style to your vehicle but also does an important job of helping protect your doors from accidental dings and nicks by shielding the widest outward part of your vehicle. Each strip is comprised of durable blow-molded ABS materials and has factory-formed ends that adhere to your auto body with durable, non-destruction 3M Tape. Each 4-piece Self-Adhering Body Side Molding Kit comes complete with installation instructions, Pro-Clean prep pads and Pro-Bond ™ adhesive promoter. Self-installation takes about an hour and is easy to install. Body Side Molding helps protect your doors, gives you a stylish look and is easy to install yourself. So what exactly are you waiting for again? Browse our selection or select your ride to find the molding kit you need today!