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Challenger Carbon Fiber Notched G-Series Spoiler 2008-2018

Challenger Carbon Fiber Notched G-Series Spoiler 2008-2018
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Adding another option on the G-Series Spoilers is now the Carbon Fiber, American made Challenger Notched Spoiler. Formerly the G5 Challenger Notched Deck Spoiler, BMC has resurrected the style and branded it the G-Series Notched Rear Wing. The 2008-2016 Dodge Challenger G-Series Notched Rear Carbon Fiber Spoiler is proudly made in the USA. The high end look of carbon fiber is an aggressive addition.

The G-Series aftermarket spoiler is 1" (inch) taller than the stock spoiler, standing at almost 4.5". This translates to a more aggressive look and greater down force for improved handling.

Comes with installation hardware. For Challengers with rear view camera on the spoiler, you would have to custom drill to accept and retain the camera option.

 photo Challenger TALL NOTCHED SPOILER_zpsvhjqcgbl.jpg

Made to Order: Usually ships in 2-3 Weeks