Challenger Carbon Fiber Notched G-Series Spoiler 2008-2022

Challenger Carbon Fiber Notched G-Series Spoiler 2008-2022
Availability: Usually ships in 6-8 weeks
Adding another option on the G-Series Spoilers is now the Carbon Fiber, American made Challenger Notched Spoiler. Formerly the G5 Challenger Notched Deck Spoiler, BMC has resurrected the style and branded it the G-Series Notched Rear Wing. The 2008-2022 Dodge Challenger G-Series Notched Rear Carbon Fiber Spoiler is proudly made in the USA. The high end look of carbon fiber is an aggressive addition.

The G-Series aftermarket spoiler is 1" (inch) taller than the stock spoiler, standing at almost 4.5". This translates to a more aggressive look and greater down force for improved handling.

NOTE Comes with installation hardware. For Challengers with rear view camera (typically 2015-2022) on the spoiler, you would have to custom drill to accept and retain the camera option.

 photo Challenger TALL NOTCHED SPOILER_zpsvhjqcgbl.jpg

Made to Order: Usually ships in 6-8 Weeks