Charger Hellcat Stainless Fuel Rail Overlays 2015 2016

Charger Hellcat Stainless Fuel Rail Overlays 2015 2016
Item# BMC-333023
Supercharger Engine Cover: 
Take your Charger Hellcat one step closer to victory at the car show with these 100% Stainless Steel Fuel Rail Overlays by American Car Craft. Your Charger Hellcat has claws and those claws have never looked as good as they will when you install these Fuel Rail Overlays. Made with a brushed stainless steel finish and accented with mirror-like polished stainless steel these fuel rails will set your Hellcat engine off and place you above and beyond the competition.

BONUS: Includes Chrome-plated billet oil fill cap.

Finish the car show custom look with the Supercharger Engine Cover.

Super durable, made with 100% Stainless Steel.
Chrome-plated billet oil cap requires modification of stock oil cap for installation.
Will not tarnish, fade or rust.
Easy "peel and stick" installation takes just minutes.
Made in USA by American Car Craft.

Made to Order - will ship in 7-10 days.
PN 333023

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