Foose Enforcer- F154 | DISCONTINUED

Foose Enforcer- F154 | DISCONTINUED
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Foose Enforcer - F153

Brand: Foose 1 Piece Cast Finish: Black/Milled Specs: 20x9, 20x10

Note: Price per wheel.

These high performance Foose Wheels are designed by a well known custom auto designer Chip Foose in the auto & wheel industry. Foose Rims feature a top quality five spoke design, which is ideal for various applications, and are manufactured using equally legendary MHT Luxury Alloys.

These wheels are sought by car enthusiasts around the globe and trusted by majority of key players in the automotive industry. The wheels are available in two major models, Foose Enforcer Chrome or Black/Milled. They also come in two different 20-inch sizes to ensure they match different fitments. You can purchase the Enforcers in 20x9 and 20x10 width.

The Foose ENFORCER Black/Milled Wheel is also offered in a number of bolt patterns and offsets to ensure proper fitment.

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These wheels are purchase individually.