Item# NUTZ-D540

Brand: Fuel 1 Piece

Finish: PVD Chrome

Specs: 17x9, 18x9, 20x9, 20x10 (Shown), 22x12. Patent D680936

 photo M1f150_zpsoolfinah.jpg

 photo annamed_M18_zpsgeln9mas.jpg

 photo unnamed-5_M31_zpsbg6exv6m.gif

Fuel Rims are cast and forged wheels that provide an optimal combination of price, looks and performance. The ruggedness of off-road wheels, required both by the rough use they are subjected to, and the way off-road wheels must be styled to go with the styling of the vehicles, combine to make casting the best way of manufacturing off-road wheels. The metal structure is not as dense in castings as in forged wheels, but the slightly thicker dimensions of profiles and spokes in off-road wheels do not require the same metal structure as extremely lightweight and extremely designed show-, racing- or road-wheels. The high quality casting, machining and finishing processes used by Fuel provide you with the best and most stylish off-road wheels on the market at a very competitive price. To finish off the style of your vehicle and add even more aggressiveness to its front-end, the brand also offers you a wide range of the high-end Fuel grilles expertly designed to complement the look created by the rims.

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