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Antiviral Performance Face Mask | GOHeavier
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The best antiviral performance face mask by GOHeavier. Not only do we not like face masks, but what's worse is a face mask you can't find, or one that gets dirty from you putting it in your pocket or desk. GOHeavier's unique design on the face mask is to have the elastic bans go around the neck and head vs around the ears. This allows you the ability to just remove the top band around the head and the face mask hangs around your neck.

Disables 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within 5 minutes. Balanced between comfort and strength, the antiviral mask can be worn all day without losing efficiency.

Tested according to the international standard ISO 18184.


The antiviral mask is capable of quickly deactivating viruses (99.9% of viruses are deactivated within 5 minutes), helping to prevent cross-contamination, in addition to direct contamination It is anti bacterial, also preventing the proliferation of bacteria that cause odor Because it has elastane in the composition, it adjusts better to the face Because it has elastic around the head, it guarantees comfort for longer than masks with elastic around the ear 99.9% effective virus deactivation guaranteed by up to 20 industrial washes. Composition: 96% viscose, 4% elastane Although face masks cannot guarantee full protection against viruses and bacteria, when added with proper hygiene and social distancing, you reduce your risks of catching and/or spreading the disease.


The purpose of our anti-virus masks is to prevent tissue from becoming a means of spreading viruses and bacteria and to help reduce the risk and speed of contamination and transmission.

Anyone who wears a fabric protection mask knows that the recommendation is to change it every four hours or even earlier, if the surface becomes damp. The good news is that our antiviral mask can be used all day, as the product neutralizes and deactivates microorganisms, including the new coronavirus, within up to five minutes, through silver ions to attract the virus with an opposite charge causing it to bind to the sulphur groups present on the surface surrounding the virus. This reaction blocks the virus' binding in host cells, preventing the micro-organism from releasing its genetic material inside.

Thus, in addition to reducing the chances of transmission and contamination, it is possible to have a more practical routine and without the need to carry a stock of masks in the bag.

Size: Adult One Size Fits All

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