iPhone 6 6s and 6/6s Plus Tough Case with Built In Working Light

iPhone 6 6s and 6/6s Plus Tough Case with Built In Working Light
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Brand new, this is the powerful iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus phone non-slip textured case with powerful built in light. Built to be a complete, all around phone case to protect your phone from drops and kicks. But to go a step further, it has its own power source and power button...therefore you do NOT need to turn on your phone nor use your phone's power. There is no need to even look at the screen with the simple reach of the power button on the back of the case.

We are in the business of auto parts and accessories, but if you are like us, there are 2 things we always have with us when we drive; car keys, smart phones, and wallets (ok so 3 things). If there is any way we can improve any of them...we will. Use it in your work station or whenever you're working under your car and need more light.

The NEBO CaseBrite fits the iPhone 6/6s or the 6/6s Plus

Other features include
*Single Button Activation
*C-O-B LED Technology
*High to Low Dimming
-High Beam gets 3+ hours of usage
-Low beam gets 24+ hours of usage
*Strobe Mode for emergency or parties
*Built-In Rechargeable Battery So You Don't Use Your Phone's Power
*USB Charging Cable Included
*Batter Life Indicator
*Durable Protective Case
*Non-Slip Textured Grip
*Impact-Resistant to Protect Your Phone

Light up a dark alley, a room or a space. With CaseBrite, one touch of the button illuminates any dark place with the power C-O-B LED. C-O-B is a new innovation in LED technology featuring smaller slustered LED chips that are mounted directly to the circuit board and work together as a single lighting module. C-O-B outperforms traditional lighting by up to 50 times the light output per square centimeter of light source.