Mustang Supercharger Dual Belt Phase 1 (2010) | DISCONTINUED

Mustang Supercharger Dual Belt Phase 1 (2010) | DISCONTINUED
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Mustang Supercharger Dual Belt Phase 1 (2010)

Product Features Mustang Supercharger for 2010 Mustang GT's

.Phase 1 R2300 Dual Belt

.Results in 475 hp / 435 lb-ft total power at flywheel

.For manual transmissions only

.Works with 4.6L 3-valve V8 engine of 2010 Ford Mustang GT only

.Easy switch-out 90mm bolt-on pulley

.Not for sale in California or other EO "green" states

.Part #421110

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Description Application Installation Related Products This Mustang Supercharger is a Dual Belt Phase that works with 2010 Mustang GT's . A Mustang with this supercharger kit installed can expect to get a total of 475hp / 435 lb-ft at the flywheel.

Components included with this package as listed below:

.TVS2300 supercharger

.ROUSH induction system90mm bolt-on pulley

.Fuel charging assembly



.ROUSH Calibration

This 2010 Mustang Supercharger Kit is part of a new and exciting line of supercharger kits for Mustang's from ROUSH. The idea behind the "Phased" R2300 ROUSHcharger line is that you can upgrade your supercharger system over time. So, if you buy a Phase 1 kit, you can later upgrade to a Phase 2 system without the need to buy redundant components. This is partially made possible by simply packaging the offerings to reuse as many components as possible. The new ROUSH bolt-on supercharger pulley also makes this possible. Please note that although you can upgrade the phase of your Phased R2300 ROUSHcharger, you cannot change the FEAD option. So, you need to choose the FEAD that you intend to stick with as you move up. This 2010 Mustang Supercharger Kit is the Phase 1 Dual Belt offering in the Phased R2300 line-up. Please note that this will only work with 2010 Ford Mustang GTs with the 4.6L 3-valve 8 cylinder engine.

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