ORACLE H11 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs

ORACLE H11 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs
Item# BMC-5218-001
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Get rid of your boring yellow headlights and upgrade to H11 LED replacement bulbs by Oracle.

Hyper Luminance

These LED bulbs are designed to outperform standard halogen bulbs, and match the brightness of HID bulbs. Each bulb emits 2,200 lumens rivaling the top of the line HID bulbs.

Heat Dissipation

The unique construction and design of each bulb allows for efficient heat dissipation. Each bulb will be cool to the touch even after hours of continuous use, unlike HID bulbs which can reach melting temperatures.

Light Pattern

Each bulb is outfitted with a concave reflector allowing for a more fluid light pattern, further light visibility, and anti-glare against oncoming traffic. Each bulb also has both high beam and low beam functions.

Waterproof and Dustproof

The ORACLE Hll LED Headlight Bulbs are rated at an IP65 Waterproof rating, and are also dustproof and shockproof, removing the hassle of changing bulbs due to shattering.

Product Specs:

Lumens: 2200 lm (per bulb)
Lifetime: 40,000 hrs
Wattage: 56 W total (28 W per bulb)
Technology: 2x14 W CREE LED (per bulb)
Input Voltage:DC9V-DC32V
Plug&Play: Hll Connector
D.O.T. Approved
Shockproof,Dustproof and Waterproof.
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Product Contents:

2 x ORACLE Hll LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs
2 x Hll Compact LED Drivers

Frequently asked questions:

Are these bulbs bright?

In other words, yes. These bulbs are very bright, rivaling the brightness of the top of the line HID kits on the market today. Each bulb is powered by 2x14 W CREE LED chips (per bulb).

Will these bulbs fit into my headlight?

Yes. These bulbs will fit into your stock/aftermarket headlight without any issues. No modification is required.

Do these bulbs require ballasts like other HID kits?

No. These bulbs do not use ballasts, but instead use compact LED drivers.

Do I have to purchase a harness for these bulbs to plug into?

No. These LED bulbs will plug directly into your factory headlight harness.

PN 5218-001
UPC: 521800120144