2015-2018 Mercedes C-Class Prior Design Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit

2015-2018 Mercedes C-Class Prior Design Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit
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2015-2017 Mercedes C-Class Prior Design Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit MECCOUPEW205PD65CCWBKIT

This product is made from quality Fiberglass-Duraflex mix. This material is characterized by an excellent surface finish that provides sufficient flexibility combined with high stability and allows for easy and inexpensive painting. Also, our parts are all made with excellent fitment with no modifications or alterations needed for the parts, which minimizes installation costs.

Fits all Mercedes C-Class Coupe Models. PRIOR Design specializes in the design, development, and distribution of exclusive aerodynamics Body Kits, Hoods,exclusive alloy wheels, and high-quality exhaust systems.

PRIOR-DESIGN is born from the idea of combining the sporty and aggressive design with enhanced elegance. Our experienced design team set itself a target of a uniformity, individuality and athleticism to create. After countless hours of development and refinement of the company to perfection, every product is designed so that the existing aesthetics and features of the vehicles are perfectly integrated into the new kits, to make a statement, of passion and courage to prove. The results are timeless classics that combine European style, individuality and quality with modern technology.

To meet the world’s rigorous testing, the most Prior Design products are built to the highest standards and all exceed the German TÜV testing requirement. A multitude of hours and complex tests are needed to ensure that a maximum performance, durability, highest quality, perfect fit and technical excellence are united.

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