Rapid Tac Application Fluid 32 Ounces

Rapid Tac Application Fluid 32 Ounces
Item# BMC-RT-10321-9
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This environmentally friendly product is great for installing decals, vinyl graphics, InvisiGARD Paint & Headlight Protection - even window tint!

Granted, not all applications call for a "wet" procedure, but we do know that in most applications, forty to sixty percent labor time can be saved by using an application fluid. Sometimes one person can do a job (normally requiring two people to apply dry) in less time if an application fluid like Rapid Tac is used.

Application fluid cleans without leaving residues. It then helps to "float" the material until it's properly positioned. Best of all, Rapid Tac stimulates the adhesive to bond in approximately ninety seconds, even in adverse climates such as extreme hot or cold. It will not cause bubbles so there's no returning to poke holes in your work either. Your customers and your reputation will benefit from higher-quality applications.