RKSport 26012001 Pontiac Solstice Front Bumper 2006-2010

RKSport 26012001 Pontiac Solstice Front Bumper 2006-2010
Item# BMC-26012001
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Add style to your 2006-2010 Pontiac Solstice with the RKSport's 26012001 Solstice Front Bumper. This high impact, all urethane front bumper is guaranteed to turn a lot of heads while cruising down the road. Proudly made in the USA.

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This will not fit the GXP model without the following modifications which were provided by GM dealerships. These are their description of what they did to allow the RKSport to fit the GXP model: 1. They removed the intercooler from the vehicle in the front allowing the intercooler to “drop down” out of the way. Removed and slotted the bracket that holds the intercooler approximately 2-3” so once the intercooler was bolted back up it could be moved back a few inches and not hit the front bumper.
2. Completely cut and remove the two outer “flimsy” brackets. Do not re-attach.
3. The front brake cooling ducts will not work with the RKSport bumper: therefore they will need to be completely be removed, along with any and all ducts, brackets etc.

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