Rapid Prep | Wax, Silicone and Grease Remover

Rapid Prep | Wax, Silicone and Grease Remover
Item# BMC-RP-50045-2
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For cleaning or pre-cleaning, Rapid Prep is a non-hazardous wash solvent that removes wax, grease, oil and silicone. After using Rapid Prep to clean the substrate (sign panels, autos or boats) you can apply paint or vinyl. Rapid Prep is also non-flammable, making it a superior product for sign shops, body shops and trim shops where safety is a concern.

Rapid Prep was formulated by people with hands-on experience, with a desire to utilize a safer, more effective pre-cleaner. This water born product is formulated for the removal of silicones, waxes, oils, road tars and other contaminates from surfaces being prepared for painting or for the application of vinyl graphics. Rapid Prep helps eliminate the problems of fish-eyeing of paints and will also increase the adhesion of vinyl graphics. Rapid Prep is a safe and economical product that all paint and application shops benefit from. Rapid Prep also takes the place of many hazardous petroleum based products currently on the market today.

Rapid Prep is NON-HAZARDOUS, NON-FLAMMABLE AND NON-TOXIC. Provided in one (1) of two (2) convenient bottle sizes.

Easy-to-follow instructions clearly outlined on the bottle.