2015-2020 Mustang 20" Outlaw Wheel Hi Ho Silver

2015-2020 Mustang 20" Outlaw Wheel Hi Ho Silver
Item# BMC-1511-3601-35
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The Outlaw 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Mustang 20 inch Hi Ho Silver wheel adds an aggressive American muscle design to your ride. Make no mistake, this large and wide 20x10 Hi Ho Silver wheel is made to clear the largest brakes. Like in the past, CDC has come up with a great new style rim that captivates most American Muscle car buyers, and make bystanders take a double look.

These wheels are engineered specifically to fit the 2015- 2019 Ford Mustang (all models). The 20x10 wheel is made to fit all around.

Wheel Specifications: Diameter 20" Width 10" Offset +41 Center Bore 70.6 Back Spacing 7.12" Front Spacing 3.88"

Part Number 1511-3601-10 Price is per 1 (one) wheel

AVAILABILITY: Contact us for Availability

CDC wheels are manufactured using a Flow Forge technology. With flow forging technology, the majority of surplus weight can be shaved by the use of less, but stronger aluminum. As high pressure rollers heat, stretch, and fortify the material to the specified width and density, the molecular compound of the metal hardens in a streamline direction creating a lightweight yet high strength wheel.