2017-2021 Chevy Equinox Full Crossover Body Kit w/ Wheel Arc Moldings

2017-2021 Chevy Equinox Full Crossover Body Kit w/ Wheel Arc Moldings
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Upgrade your ride with the 2017-2021 Equinox Sport Crossover Bodykit with Wheel Arc Moldings! Make a statement on the road with an aggressive and sporty look that will turn heads. Our bodykit not only enhances the appearance of your vehicle but also provides added protection to its body. The Wheel Arc Moldings protect your car's wheel wells from mud, rocks, and debris, ensuring your Equinox stays in top condition. Trust us, you won't regret the upgrade. Order now and experience the thrill of driving a truly impressive vehicle!

• Paintable: Yes
• Drilling Required: NO
• Mounting Hardware: INCLUDED
• Installation Instructions: INCLUDED
• Minimum Pressure For Installation:41 Newton
• Minimum Temperature For Installation:16 Celsius, 60 Fahrenheit
• Labor time: Approx 2hrs According to Manufacturer.

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2018+ EQUINOX SPORT CROSSOVER BODY KIT photo equinox_body_kit 3_zps0w8x5m6d.jpg

2018-Current Equinox Sport Crossover Bodykit With Wheel Arc Moldings photo equinox_body_kit ground effects_zpswumpwvhv.jpg

Manufacturing Process:
PUR-RIM: This technology offers exceptional design flexibility, precise dimensional detail, superb surface quality, and unbeatable durability performance at a reasonable cost. Use ONLY best-in-class raw materials to deliver (Polyurethane-Reaction Injection Molding): great quality and value. Highly competitive in low to medium volume applications, and ideally suited to Special Edition programs.
Using TPO, high-impact ABS, and multi-layer engineering plastic sheet, our thermoforming team can pull parts as large as 51 X 98 X 26 inches (130 X 250 X 70cm) in our dedicated vacuum forming cell.
With custom cutting jigs designed and built in-house, our robots consistently meet the highest fitting standards in the automotive industry.

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