2005-2019 Ford Mustang "Grabber C" Style Body Side Graphics Kit

2005-2019 Ford Mustang "Grabber C" Style Body Side Graphics Kit
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Add a retro style Mustang Grabber C graphics kit to your 2005-2019 Ford Mustang. Nothing makes your American muscle car stand out like this this awesome body side graphic kit that brings back old school flare.

This 70's retro Mustang Grabber "C" stylized graphic is very easy to install and features a .2" (5.08mm) pinstripe at each side as shown.

Available in a wide variety of colors, graphic set is packaged with one (1) graphic for each side of the vehicle.

Graphic is specifically set for the '05-Current Ford Mustang V6, GT or 5.0 and will not fit any other vehicle.

Choose graphic kit WITH a cutout for the factory side emblem (shown) or WITHOUT (solid). Cutout for factory emblems measures 2.8" (7.11cm) in height.

Graphic Application Chart: Select Your Vehicle Application
Year Range | Side Emblem Type | Part Number
'05-'09 | None | ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH27a
'05-'09 | All | ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH27b
'10-'14 | None | ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH209
'10-'14 | GT | ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH222
'10-'14 | 5.0 | ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH210
'10-'14 | Pony Tri-Bar | ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH223
'15-'19 | None | ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH394
'15-'19 | 5.0 | ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH395
NOTE: Kit not available for the Shelby GT350

Installation of the graphic kit is very easy (set to install along the vehicle's body lines as shown) and only requires trimming at the door jambs.

 photo new-color-chart-for-vinyl-decals-kits_zpsaplewrt7.jpg

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NOTE: Graphics are made to order to ensure freshness of vinyl for easier installation. Please allow 5-7 business days for production. Kits are typically shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Add an application squeegee and application fluid for easier installation at home.

RETURN POLICY FOR GRAPHICS: 30 Days Return Policy. Please note that due to the large number of color options and configurations, graphics are considered custom work and any graphics returned will have a 35% restock fee. Graphics kits with custom wording/text cannot be returned or refunded after it has been cut.

MORE NOTES: We use high performance premium cast vinyl unless otherwise noted. We cut our vinyl to be approximately 1/16"-1/8" from edge in order to prevent peeling/pull back and allows for easier installation by not requiring installer to remove car parts. Although our vinyl may resemble the OEM designs, it may not be consistent with the OEM lengths. Many OEM vinyl kits are made so that they go around edges and require removal of your vehicle parts such as grilles and bumpers. Kits do NOT come pre-spaced in packaging as to ensure customers remove and align each piece individually for correct placement and installation.