Shelby Mustang Venom Wheels Staggered Sets 2005-2019

Shelby Mustang Venom Wheels Staggered Sets 2005-2019
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Staggered SET - Bright Finish

The Shelby new Venom Wheel is optional equipment on the Shelby GTE Mustang and is available for purchase for any 05-17 Mustang (except 15-17 GT350). Manufactured exclusively by WELD Racing for Shelby American, the wheel uses a flow-formed technology making it lighter and stronger to an equivalent wheel. This wheel is authentic Shelby.

Flow form wheels are stronger, lighter, increase shock load resistance, and offer increased flex tolerances verses a cast manufactured wheel. The primary difference between a cast and flow-formed wheel is the thickness of the wheel barrel. The flow forming process increases the strength of the aluminum allowing the barrel to be produced much thinner and lighter than a conventional cast aluminum wheel.

Available Wheel Sizes: The Venom Wheel comes in 20” x9.5" (24.5lbs) and 20”x10.5” (24.7lbs). Available in matte black powder coat, anthracite (darker gray), and silver colors.

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